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Monday, February 6, 2012

Michigan Salad & A Happy Birthday

© 2012 Jessie Kaufman

Today's post is a fun one. It's my friend Brandy's 30th birthday and a couple other bloggers and I are throwing her a Virtual Surprise Birthday Party. Brandy, like me is originally from the Midwest, and like me we've both lived in New York. I was there for almost six years and Brandy has been there since after high school. So it makes perfect sense that we were instant friends. For her birthday I invited some of her favorite bloggers to throw her a dinner party. We're each bringing a course. Click the links below to see what other bloggers brought. Visit Nutmeg Nanny here to peruse her recipes or wish her a happy birthday. 

1. Soup Course- Healthy Green Kitchen 
2. Salad Course- Living Mostly Meatless 
3. Pasta Course- Cooking With Books 
4. Meat Course-  Farmgirl Gourmet  
6. Dessert Course- Creative Culinary 

Since I had the salad course, I went for something Midwestern. This salad is made from the ingredients that Michigan is famous for. 

Michigan Salad

1 bag Spring Mix lettuce
1/2 cup dried cherries
2 Macintosh apples, cut into matchsticks
3 ounces of  almonds (chopped, whole, or slivered or sub your favorite nuts)
4 ounces feta cheese

1/2 cup miracle whip
1/3 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
1 tsp sugar
1/2 cup good quality extra virgin olive oil

toss salad with all salad ingredients. In a bowl or dressing bottle, add add ingredients. Whisk or shake until everything is incorporated. Toss into salad. Enjoy!

© 2012 Jessie Kaufman


  1. Looks fresh and delicious! Thanks for organizing the virtual party for Brandy :)

  2. I definitely love the dressing!!! Such a delicious salad!

  3. Gorgeous salad. There is a local distillery that makes the most wonderful liqueurs and their sour cherry is the best of them all. They only source their cherries from Michigan; seems they are the best!

    Thanks for your efforts to get this event place and help Brandy to celebrate her birthday...and thanks for asking me to participate. Now let's get together later and eat!

  4. I love that there's maple in the dressing, one of my favorite flavors! Thanks for 'hosting' the fancy dinner 'party.'

  5. Thanks! I'm so hungry after reading all of your great posts!

  6. So much fun! What a great post, and what a lovely birthday tribute to the delightful Nutmeg Nanny!