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Hi! I’m Jessie and I’m a professional food & features photojournalist and freelance food photographer located in the Chicago Suburbs. I'm also a gourmet lover and 5-day-a-week vegetarian. Through my blog I share my passion for healthy, from scratch cooking. Sometimes it has meat, mostly it doesn't. Sometimes there is cake. http://jessiekaufman.com
The Goal:
I want to inspire you to make food with healthy ingredients. As a life choice, I make it a point to not buy anything that comes in a box, unless it's chocolate, tofu, butter (I only use real butter), organic broth, or cereal. I feel these days, when we're living in a world of convenience there are so many incentives to just pick something up that's pre-made and cook it. Cooking good food doesn't have to be intimidating or bland. My hope for you is for you to pick one meatless recipe and incorporate it into your weekly dinner routine and see how you feel. If you like it, try a full day of going meatless. 

What You Can Expect:
1-2 weekly posts, some product reviews, some giveaways, great photos and food photography tips, and LOTS of great recipes.

The Inspiration:
My husband and I had been doing Meatless Monday’s for about a year and somewhere in there it turned into meatless-three-days-a week and now, we’ve worked our way up to 5 days a week. We’ll usually eat meat on the weekend, our vice seems to be burgers or any form of lamb, so you’ll likely see some of those recipes on here too. 
For photography inquiries please email info@jessiekaufman.com